“As a studio owner and drummer myself, I have no hesitation recommending Jack for recording or live work. Working with him is not only a pleasure due to his positive, friendly attitude, but his passion for drums and drumming means he nails the feel and sound needed for each project seriously quickly. In high-pressure, fast-paced recording situations, this is not just important, it’s essential.” Andrew Lawson | Fieldgate Studio

“Jack is a great musician, a true professional. His musical sensibilities make him an exciting person to have in the studio whilst recording. His drumming is subtle, musical and he always plays for the track. Jack has natural feel and that’s one of the most important characteristics of a great drummer for me as a singer song writer.” Samuel Taylor | Taylor of ‘Taylor & Marie’.

“For anyone considering using Jack, for recording or live work, I’d whole heartily recommend him. Jack is extremely focused on his drumming, is easy to get on with and will do whatever you ask of him very quickly. When recording Jack you were always confident that his kit would sound superb and his drumming style would complement your music. I was always impressed with how dedicated Jack was to his instrument and have absolutely no doubt he’d be an asset to any session.” Jon Constantine | Freelance engineer/producer

“Under the auspices of Declan Connolly of Span Arts, Pembrokeshire, and Alan Argent, I toured Pembrokeshire in 2014, on the jazz programme there as a visiting featured artist. The Drummer in the ensemble was Jack Beddis, who I found to be competent and professional in his musical approach.” KEVIN G DAVY | (Trumpeter of KDQ, D’semble, and formerly featured trumpet with Lamb, Adam F, Finley Quaye, and Lemn Sissay and Secret Society, and Afrika Afrika.)